I had the pleasure of trying a new glucose tablet case from Tabs2Go. It's an easy, compact glucose tabs case that is actually thing! Finally, someone came up with something other than that old freaking glucose tube. I can fit y favorite orange cream flavored glucose tabs from glucolift in it and I even decorated my little case with a sticker. With this case I can easily pack it in a pocket with my diabetes case, fit it in my running belt, and carry it on my pants pocket.  

-Gretchen O

I used to be a fan of BD tablets that were pre-packaged in threes. They discontinued that product a few years ago and I was at a loss. Then I discovered Tabs2Go! These little cases rock!! I throw in 4 CVS glucose tabs and I'm good to go. Low profile and sturdy. I've been using them for a year and would recommend them to everyone!!!

-Steven D

These cases have been a huge help. I'll finally be able to carry around glucose tablets. You're a lifesaver.

-Johnny S