My Diagnosis

16 Feb

I was in Cincinnati Ohio and I went to a local ice cream shop called Greaters. I was 15 at the time and their ice cream happened to be my favorite in America. I was hungry so I ordered three scoops. The guy behind the counter gave me an odd look and asked if I more »

Product Update!

28 Jan

Everyday Glucose

Hi everyone. I wanted to provide a brief update on the progress Everyday Glucose has made over the past few months. We spent the majority of 2013 prototyping and finalizing the design for the Everyday Glucose Product. The product is currently in production and will come to market this year. If you have any question more »

The Things I Carry

25 May

What Scott Bissinger carries on him every day

Among the diabetic community, it is no secret that we need to carry a lot with us. Each individual has their unique strategy, personally I shove everything into my pockets. Despite our various types of methods there is no denying the mass amount of supply we need to carry daily. Below you will get a more »

Everyday Glucose Featured on DiabetesMine!

16 May

Everyday Glucose Diabetes Mine Post

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Will DuBoise, a blogger fore DiabetesMine, and asked to do a company profile on Everyday Glucose. It was a two-part interview: I was given a series of questions to answer followed by a 20 minute phone call. This was the first major promotional piece done on myself more »

Looking Back on My Diagnosis

9 May


Twenty six months I was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. It was my junior year of college and I had returned home for fall break. I told my parents of the symptoms I was having and they sent me to get some tests done realizing they are the classic diabetic symptoms. Surprisingly, my initial more »

European Glucose: Intact Glucose Tablets

26 Apr

I read a blog posts regarding international glucose tablets by Katie on TuDiabetes. She talks about a trip she took and two European glucose tablets she stumbled upon. The first type of glucose tablet she mentions is produced by a company by the name of Intact. She found the glucose tabs in a pharmacy more »

European Glucose Tablets: Dextro Energy

17 Apr

German Glucose Tablets

In America, glucose tablets are sold in pharmacies, in 10 count tubes, and branded to treat hypoglycemia. However, in Europe, glucose tablets exists out of the pharmacy and are available in convenient stores, groceries, and are often branded as an athletic supplement. Before I was even a diabetic, I had been aware of a European more »

Emily Webster: Celiac and T1, Part of the 10%

14 Apr

I thought being a diabetic was hard enough, however when I was 17 I was diagnosed as having celiac as well and a life of being completely gluten free had begun. I didn’t realize that its not uncommon as about 1 in every 10 Type 1 diabetics have celiac disease. I had a feeling in more »

Odd ways to be carry glucose

9 Apr

Ways to be “better prepared” The focal point of Everyday Glucose is how diabetics can “always be prepared” for episodes of hypoglycemia. However, why should we be limited to conventional methods? This has inspired me to come up with silly methods to always be prepared. Concept 1: The Glucose Shoe Attachment: When you are wearing more »

Glucose Tablets from Florence

5 Apr

In a blog post from Katie on, she mentioned two glucose tablets she found abroad. I documented the first one in this post(insert link) and wanted to talk about the second kind she found, Enervit in Florence Italy. Enervit is an Italian based company which creates sports products. They have a few products which more »

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